Thursday, March 19, 2015

March update


That is all I can say about why I haven't posted since the end of the year. Spent many hours working. But since I managed to carve out a few minutes, I will try my best at covering all that I have been doing since then.

I went on the annual ski trip to Breckenridge in February. The weather was quite warm and, as a consequence, the snow was quite hard/icy. Not the best conditions for skiing compared to last year. I still had lots of fun and got to see my friends. I skied at Vail by myself once again. I am not sure why I am unable to convince my friends to go to Vail but I gave up trying and caring and just went. I didn't take any photos during this trip. I didn't bring my camera as I haven't taken many photos, if any, in the past years.

I think the next trip will be to see my cousin's wedding in August. I think there are some plans to do a trip in June to do mountain biking in CO but I am not really interested at the moment.

I now have my own studio on the peninsula of Newport Beach and it is 4.2 miles away from work. At some point, I will try and commute by bike but I need to sort out the parking permit situation so that I can leave the van parked for a few days at a time without having to move it.  Rent is a bit higher then I thought and the space is smaller but I am in a building on the boardwalk facing the beach. My unit doesn't face the beach, but it is a short stroll away. There are a few projects that I need to do to make the place a bit more liveable but overall it should be a decent place to stay. I've been told that it gets super busy in the summer as vacationers head to the beach. I've been rather busy trying to furnish the place.

I am a bit unhappy at what I've spent getting the studio up and running but I guess this is what it is like to be independent. Need to get a long range wifi antenna to pick up open hotspots.

Ill try to get some more posts up, probably ones about the beach or other projects. Only minor van maintenance projects for now.