Friday, December 12, 2014

Feeling Wanderlusty again

Life is good right now.
I have a job that I enjoy doing in a climate region that is very suitable and have very little to worry about, but tonight, I am feeling rather Wanderlusty (yes I just made up this word but it works). I am not sure what it is that causes it but I just want to get into my van and drive. No idea where though. Why is my brain broken?

Do I reach a level of physical detachment with the surrounding environment that is so high that I suddenly feel the need to become one with nature?

Or perhaps I get comfortable with my life choices and then I see something that reminds me of how it feels to be free which exposes how unfree I am. Of how dependent I really am.

Perhaps I get a small reminder of how dangerous the physical trappings of modern life really are and it freaks me out.

How do people spend their entire life working? Why do I think that my life has to be super-amazing-awesome in order for it to be time well spent? Do I really enjoy traveling or is it a social idea that I have bought into?

Why do I take so many pictures on my trips? Do I do it because I like to or because everyone else does? Is it to prove that my life isn't boring and that my decisions are justified?

What is it that I am bothered by? Is it the monotony of the working life? or is it the feeling of being separated from the surrounding social structure?

Am I more afraid of spending my whole life searching for answers or becoming a model of the american way of life?

I hate this...

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