Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of Year and Financial post 2014

Well, another year has passed and it is time to do a review. Overall, I think it went rather well.

As the end of the 2014 calender approaches, I sit and ponder over all that has happened in the past year. All I can say is that it has been an interesting year with lots of travel and I hope that 2015 is as interesting if not better.

lets take a look at the highlights of what went on:

  • Annual week long ski trip in February plus additional ski days at Vail after the trip was over.
  • I moved from CO to CA and changed jobs, 
  • My Mini placed 2nd in class in the annual all British car show, The Conclave. 
  • Two cross country road trips, I drove from Denver to San Diego then back to Denver, then back to San Diego. Each time having lots of fun in the National Parks and wilderness areas.
  • Moab, Arches, Canyonlands, Goblin, Grand Canyon twice, Bryce canyon 
  • Lots of beach time in SD.
  • A ten day backing trip in Canada to see Mt Assiniboine and Lake Louise. plus other sights

Looking forward to another ski trip in 2015 as well as going to Bozeman MT in August for a cousin's wedding. Maybe I can plan a road trip adventure to Yellowstone before or after the wedding.

I decided to take a peek a my total expenses for the year and was disappointed in what I found.
Overall, this year, I have spent roughly $18K. Way over budget considering I was unemployed from June through October. Where does it all go...

  • Almost $4k on vacations (flights, lodging, rental car, vacation food, etc...)
  • $2500 on Van repairs and upgrades (includes Insurance and registration renewal)
  • Fuel came in at $2700, not surprised by this though, the trips were lots of fun. 
  • Food was right at $2000, this is including going out to eat and liquor.
  • $1700 for health insurance
  • Hardware store expenses $1400, some rental house related expenses are here.
  • I spent $700 doing hardware upgrades to my laptop
  • $400 on bicycle repairs and acquiring a beautiful road bike (Thanks Devin)
  • I'm a bit disappointed that I spent $700 in cash purchases that I cant keep track of (could be fuel or food(eating out) or whatever)
  • Thanks to extremely generous family and friends, I've only paid $1500 in rent for the year.
  • And, as usual, the odds and ends category soaked up another $400.

I know that in 2015 I will be paying so much more for rent as I am going to get an apartment close to where I work (biking or walking distance is my requirement). If I can bike for the rest of next year and not use the van, it will save me approx $400 per month. I estimate that the rent for a studio is going to be in the 7-800 range. The van is doing well so I am not expecting to have to do much next year, same with the laptop. Ill try and cut back on the travel expenses, my solo trips are easy to control but the group ones I have no say other then not going on them.

That is it for now. I will update if I can think of anything else.

Hope everyone enjoys their New Year!

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