Sunday, June 22, 2014

On the road again!

So much time has passed since the last post, I've done quite a lot of stuff.

I've changed the flex plate, then had the bolts come loose again and had to re-torque both the flex plate and flywheel bolts on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Had to build a transmission cradle out of scrap wood I found nearby.

I've put on another rear main seal only to finally discover that the oil leak I have is coming from the case seam just below the seal itself. I can't fix it without disassembling the motor.
I also discovered a leaking torque converter seal while I was there.

I did an automatic transmission service with a new screen filter and fluid.
I changed the differential fluid (with Redline MT90), pan gasket, and changed out the driveshaft seals.

Instead of replacing the CV boots I had a shop replace all 4 CV joints. Upon inspection of the joints after they assembled them, I noticed that the manufacturer had put them together incorrectly. Had to reassemble/re-grease all of the joints.

I pulled the fuel tank to hammer out the dent which was messing with my fuel gauge readings. Most of the dent came out after several hours of hammering. Also applied sealant to all rubber seals to prevent future fuel leaks when full. Replaced the fuel level sensor while I was there.

Also found out that there is a space below the seats where there is no sound proofing. I stuffed it full of acoustic foam to hopefully quite down some of the road noise.

So, now after all that work, I am ready for a road trip to California. Specifically to San Diego for a month or two while I try to get a job in Costa Mesa. The van is absolutely packed with stuff and I've got a week or so of travel planned. Mostly seeing national parks along the way but also just taking my time and doing the scenic routes. I should have some nice photos of the trip soon.