Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of year post 2013

Well, another year has passed and it is time to do a review. I think it sucked.

lets take a look at last year's post:

My plans for the new year, (2013):
  • Start it off right by going on a tropical vacation in the British Virgin Islands for two weeks in January. done and so much fun
  • Drink more Tea (existing stock pile should last a few months), Failed
  • Rearrange financial portfolio to increase monthly income, Failed
  • Get rid of/sell more stuff, moderately successful
  • Figure out what is bothering the van and improve running condition
    • currently building a gauge to monitor Oxygen Sensor voltages (will post when done) Done
  • Finish Mini projects and add to Mini site, Failed, no progress
  • Read more books so I can get rid of the ones on my bookshelf Failed, no progress
  • I suppose more money would be nice, Failed, no progress
  • More fun with my camera - I received some macro filters and need to figure them out, Failed, no progress
I'll address each point and then add notable things that happened as well as upcoming stuff/plans

  • Yes I did the BVI trip and it was fun, I wanted to do more but I guess that will happen at a some other time. Nothing like being in the tropics while CO is in the dead of winter. 
  • Did not even make a dent in my Tea supplies, I even added more too it.
  • I didn't do anything useful with my stocks other then add a bit to it and not as much as I wanted to.
  •  some stuff is gone but still have too much stuff. 
  • Van is running better thanks to the new motor and all the other crap I've done
  • Nothing happened with my mini, I hardly used it.
  • Hardly read any of my books, I did get through a couple but didn't get rid of them
  • I have less money then I did at the beginning of 2012 mainly due to co-buying a rental house
  • Not much camera fun last year, no new skills or techniques or technology
Notable stuff, co-purchased a rental house, BVI trip, Lake Tahoe trip, some camping and boating in the mtns, Van upgrades.

I have no enthusiasm for 2014.

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