Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bilsteins all around!

Finally, after weeks of waiting and working, I have all four of the new Bilstein shocks as well as the four good used springs installed. I also installed two new upper ball joints in the front end. No more clunking noises! The rear shock and spring install was a piece of cake, the suspension arm drops low enough to allow the springs to go in without the use a compression tool but the fronts are an absolute pain to do. I had to rent a spring compressor tool to do the fronts and it was still an awful job. I ended up breaking one of the sway bar links trying to unbolt it from the control arm and had to get a used one from a local VW shop. The cold weather didn't help either, having to do car work with multiple layers of winter clothing is awful, no flexibility or dexterity. Most of the suspension noises and sagging are gone and I am enjoying the firm ride.

Also managed to do the photo comparison of the old vs new headlight bulbs. see below, I think the photos speak for themselves. I need to do a bit of adjusting to really receive the full benefit of the new lights.

Old stock bulbs (aka why you cant see anything at night)
New High Power bulbs

Installed a new rear washer pump and have on order a pair of dual washer nozzles to improve the front windshield cleaning ability. Will post photos of that when they arrive

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