Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend progress

Well, I finally have something worthy of reporting here on this blog.
This past weekend I sold the old motor from the van and also managed to put new rear brake pads on.

Some random Craigslist guy had recently purchased an 89 westy and was wanting a spare motor to build up into a more powerful one. I am quite happy that it has gone to another van owner who is going to use it. Plus it is one less thing I have to worry about. With the sale of the motor I can now afford to get the new set of shocks I've been wanting.

Another piece of progress is the rear brake pads. I was hoping that it would firm up my brake peddle pressure but it didn't. I might get a set of drums as the old ones may be too worn out to reuse which might be causing this pressure issue. Also, I wanted to bleed the brake fluid out to see if there is any air or other crap building up in the lines but one of the bleeders is frozen and I could tell that if I attempted to remove it it would break off. So, if I get new drums I will also get two new rear pistons.

That is all

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