Sunday, September 22, 2013

Seasons change, people change

Why did I move back to CO?
I dont like winter or cold weather. What possessed me to come back to the square state?

These are the questions that were running through my head as i watched the yellow, red, and gold colored aspen trees pass by while traveling to and from the boat this past weekend. We will need to haul the boat out of the water by Oct. 15th and so I decided to spend this past weekend on it with my parents since I only have complete weekends every couple of weeks.  Saturday was a perfect day with nice and sunny weather, perfect for a boat ride. Sunday ended up being rainy but we spent some time in a coffee shop and had lunch in the boat before heading home.

What a novel idea it is to have two entire days off from work back to back.

 Why the hell do I have a full time job...oh yeah, thats right...I needed money

I'll never be happy working, all those hours of what feels like forced labor and those regular scheduled work days. It is too rigid, too mechanical. I need fluid, flexible, and organic.

I can't tell if my dream of living on a sailboat is based on personal needs or just a fantasy/delusion. Sailboat are not cheap to buy or own. I'd probably end up dieing from starvation and my body and boat would be found drifting across the Atlantic ocean. or I'd go for my first offshore trip and end up being swamped by a white squall and drowning. 

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