Sunday, August 11, 2013

time to go a little faster

After spending a year or so complaining about how slow the van is I finally did something about it. I had been planning on doing a rebuild of the stock motor during the upcoming winter but I spotted an already rebuilt and more powerful vw vanagon motor on craigslist. It was less then I was planning on spending on a basic rebuild and came with all kinds of good stuff as the previous owner was doing a subaru conversion. Along with the motor, I also got another set of stock wheels, tires, and vanagon hub caps. I drove up to Boulder to get the motor and extras. Before I headed up there I stripped everything I could out of the van to make it as light as possible to compensate for the extra weight. The old motor struggled but I managed to get everything home safely.

I gave the new motor a through cleaning and changed out a couple of gaskets before installing it into my van. I also took the time to replace all the 25 year old fuel lines.

One thing I have noticed is that it is a louder motor and it does have more power but I still need to take it into the mountains and see how it does.

I also picked up a new beaded seat cover as my old beaded cover had fallen apart. I don't know if I totally like this new cover, I may need to do some modifications to it as it seems to move around a lot.