Friday, June 21, 2013

The van gets a bit of an update

My TX vehicle registration tags expired this month and so I had to go and get new CO license plates.
Unfortunately the green CO plates clash with the Van's white paint scheme.

I did manage to solve the issue with my coolant tank cap popping of. I think the new hose running to the expansion tank was too long and causing a pressure buildup in the main tank. So far I've been able to keep coolant in it.

I am still getting intermittent oil pressure warnings, mostly right above 2000 rpms but below 2500. This is the switch over point between the two sensors and I think that the low pressure switch is going bad. I should switch the oil to a 20w50 for summer driving.

The adjustment to the MAF sensor seems to be still be working, I have decent acceleration and am still getting the same mpgs. Will have to wait until winter to see if it accelerates any better when really cold.

Not much else besides my vaction to California and working a lot. I will post a vacation post later on when I have some of the photos edited.