Monday, April 15, 2013

Van Runneth better

I am really glad that I made the Air/Fuel gauge to monitor how the van was responding under throttle. It was saying that I had a lean-out condition under acceleration which corresponded to the feeling of a loss of power. I tried searching for any possible air leaks/vacuum leaks which cause this type of problem but couldn't find any.

The solution was to adjust the AFR meter slightly. I found some diagrams and information about the meter on thesamba and followed their guidance on adjusting. I first tried going the way that I thought would solve my issues but after doing road testing, I had noticed that it made my van run worse. I tried going the other direction and it ran better on off throttle and acceleration conditions.
I need to reseal the top of the AFR meter but otherwise I think I have solved my acceleration issue.

Next up would be to do some sort of rebuild to get my compression and power back.

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