Sunday, April 21, 2013

Car shows - where the human race ends

I worry about the survival of the human race whenever I go to a car show.
The cars aren't the problem, they are simply tools that we built to get around. It is the people at the show that bother me. On occasion you run into a decent person or car enthusiast who has high moral standard but the vast majority I wonder if they are capable of even understanding the difference between the words "capital" and "Capital". Yet somehow they have piles of cash to spend on some of the dumbest stuff I have ever seen. I can't exclude myself, I am infected with the same disease that everyone at the show has, we dig cars. For some of these people I wonder if they have any capacity for original thinking.

So, why am I here. well...I want another trophy. yes, I could go out and buy my own from a trophy shop but that would feel wrong. I've taken a 2nd place trophy a few years ago but the show has gotten much larger since then and the number of nice cars have increased. If the category I was competing in was for English cars, I would have good odds of getting a trophy, however, I think I am lumped into the import category which has many cars. Perhaps I have a shot at the oddball trophy.

Update: My Mini took second place in the Vintage category. Hooray!

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