Friday, March 22, 2013

Goodbye Atari

With heavy heart, I bid you adieu. Sweet old friend, your black lines and wood grain shall never be forgotten. I only hope that you will receive the care and attention that you deserve for you have served me well.

I sold my Atari today.

Of all the game systems I have, the Atari is both the best and worst choice of systems to get rid of. The worst because of it's rarity and age but the best because it lacked the memories of my youth which the other systems are tied to.

I never imagined getting rid of it before this week. I always thought that it would end up as an old dusty box that I would bring out later in life and surprise or entertain people with. Or perhaps I imagined having a house where I would keep all my game systems on display and ready to use at a moment's notice. Clearly it was a decision made by my logical side. In an effort to lighten the burden of my stuff it just happened to be in the way. I was running through the usual list of questions that I ask myself each time I encounter an object I don't know what to do with. Do I really need this? Do I use this object often? Can I get another one if needed?

Somehow the Atari was in my direct line of sight while I was running through these questions and I couldn't answer "yes" to any of them. So onto craigslist it went and within a half day I had several responses. It ended up in the hands of a very odd video gamer. Which I guess is a good thing although I can't help but feel as though something is missing yet I can not remember the last time or place that I had used it.

Perhaps it is the fear of losing the memories that I am most afraid of. Without the visual que for the memories will I still remember it?

Right now there is a hole in the remaining fragments of my heart and a blank spot in the shed, how many holes and blank spots are needed until I feel free again? What happens when I have nothing?

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