Monday, February 4, 2013

Back from the BVI, van update

Hello readers,
I have returned from the British Virgin Islands and all I can say is that I want to live on a sailboat down there. It is such a beautiful place, warm and sunny, with white sand beaches. Lots of fun and adventure. I brought back three conch shells and also cracked a few coconuts.

I also came back with a cold. Picked it up from all the flying we had to do on the way home. Currently in day two of being ill but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I will post a financial update tomorrow, I was holding off until the final bill for the boat came in but it is going to be a while so I will just estimate my costs.

Since I am ill, I decided to spend time with the van and try to sort out the weird acceleration issue I have had. I pulled all the ignition parts off and tested them per Bently manual, all tested out ok. So then I continued testing untill I had tested everything electrical and they all came out functioning normally. At this point I needed to install my oxygen sensor and get some real time running data. I ran the wires and also tapped into the AFM wires and ran them to my digital oscilloscope. The result was that I am seeing a lean mixture issue on acceleration. Fortunately for the testing, I know that my fuel pressure regulator and AFM is working properly and I can now focus on other components.
Tomorrow I will do some more testing and see what I can find. 

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