Monday, December 31, 2012

12/31/2012 - Monthly Financial Breakdown

The Sixth Unemployed Monthly Financial Breakdown. **Holiday Edition**

Well, another month has passed and this means I need to do a financial breakdown. This past month went fairly well despite it being a gift giving holiday...Lets see how well it went. How much is Van dwelling in my VW Westfalia saving or costing me?

Previous Monthly Financial post here

If I sum up total expenses from 12/1/2012 through 12/31/2012 I get -$978 :-( A rough calculation would put my yearly expenses at $1176. I was over the 11K mark due to having to purchase a flight to NJ for a funeral (this added $321 to monthly budget)

Regular Food costs: -$75 or -$19 per week (Normal)
Fun Food Costs:  -$14 or -$0 per week (Breakfast in NJ and  some beer)
Fuel: -$39 or -$10 per week (basically didn't drive much past month)
Van: -$33 (All for projects for the Mini )
Travel: -$471 or -$0 per week (paying monthly for Caribbean trip in January and Flight to NJ)
Insurance: -$160  per month   (Reduced Van Insurance and health insurance)
Clothing: -$0 (Nothing new in December)
Misc: -$79 (Eye Exam, movie tickets, misc parts at home depot)
Mailbox:  -$15
Gifts: -$80 (Half of this was a part for our Refrigerator which was my gift to my father)

Things that were not necessary this past month: The Funeral flight, the car projects, the monthly payments on the Caribbean trip, the movie tickets.  This brings my luxury expenses to $568 and necessary to $420 Yikes!! Without the luxury for this month, my yearly is at $5040... :)

Ok, clean out the unusual stuff and do a monthly for the rest
Regular Food and fuel: -$200
Mailbox only:  -$15
Insurance: -$160 
Clothes: -$0
Van:  -$50 (minor maintenance next month)
Fun: -$25 (very reasonable)
Yearly expense estimate with the new numbers: $5400

Estimated to be under my 11k mark again.

Another Unemployed month but my expenses increased from last month. I was expecting it to be about the same since I didn't do much but the holiday expenses spiked my totals plus the extra flight expense. I have some auto expenses coming up but I am determined to figure out why the van runs weird when warm.

I am not optimistic about next month's expense sheet, while the Christmas holiday has passed, there is a two week carribean vacation approaching and I do not know what my share of the boat expenses are. I plan on not drinking on the boat to avoid that cost. Most of the sailors drink way more then I do and also drink wine, which I dont. I do not think it will be fair for me to lightly drink a few beers and then have to split the bill with the rest of the crew.

Here is the status of my dividend income:
I have a running total of yearly expenses which I base my numbers off of so if my monthly goes up my dividend income against it decreases in value.
Since I re-aligned my investment strategy I've been putting extra cash into dividend paying stocks and other investment opportunities.

 Last post it was at 46.23%. Previous Monthly Financial post here

Current level is now estimated at 47.63%

Progress at a snail's pace, My plan for January and the rest of the year is to put any spare cash that I receive into dividend stocks and trim expenses. Such slow progress and the market has not been very favorable. Currently in the red on several stocks but many are improving, I am still optimistic though. Waiting for the Cliff to be resolved, until then I will just have to wait it out
Best of luck in your travels in the new year!

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