Sunday, November 25, 2012

Van update - 11/25

The van is no longer giving me issues with the oil pressure light/buzzer at low rpms. I have not been on the highway since fixing it so not sure at high rpms.

I did an oil change today, had to go to 5w30 so the van would be able to start up in the winter months. The 20w50 that was in there was really thick and it was difficult for the starter to crank the motor over.

Also did an oil change on the mini and changed the clutch and brake fluids.

I've been trying to figure out why the van runs worse when warmed up. When it is cold you can take off from a stop like everyone else but when warm it acts like it has no power. I have a hunch that the problem lies with fueling. I've ordered a fuel pressure gauge to do the Bently tests. When cold, the fuel injectors are kept open longer for a richer mixture but when warm they rely on the programming in the computer. If the pressure is too low then there wont be enough fuel and the spray pattern coming out of the injectors will be poor causing low power. The other test is to see what the total volume of fuel over a period of time coming out of the pump is and compare to specs in the manual.
Ill see where these tests take me.

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