Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thinning the transportation herd and van update

Since I have been stationary in CO I have tried to use my time wisely by thinning down my stuff that I left at my parents house when I moved out. The process hasn't been easy for me but I work on it every day now that the weather has turned toward winter. The more stuff I find, the worse I feel. 

Last weekend I sold my 1972 t250 suzuki motorcycle. I have owned this bike since before I could drive and had intentions of riding it and/or restoring it but after seeing it wrapped up in plastic tarps in the back yard I realized that my intentions and reality are two different things. I put it up on craigslist along with a bunch of other stuff that I no longer need. It took about a month before someone wanted to buy it. A sad moment indeed but a necessary one. The rest of my stuff is still up there though. One of the things I have learned is that other people aren't interested in my stuff no matter how cheap it is. Only weird people like me want it and there seems to be a lack of people like me out there. No one cared that the bike still ran well and that it was fully functional for a 40 year old bike. No one cares about the fact that it was suzuki's fastest two-stroke bike with a 6 speed racing gearbox that could do over 100mph all on 250cc. No one cares that this bike essentially killed off most of the small English bike manufacturers. What people care about is getting the right size ipad so they can play angry birds. I swear I was born in the wrong time period.

Van update:

The boat is in winter storage and I just winterized the water tanks on the van because I don't believe I will be taking it on any long trips in the near future that will require the kitchen systems.

Winterizing the water systems is simple:
1. pump out all the water from the main tank
2. use sponge to hand dry the remaining water inside the tank
3. blow out sink water line with air to prevent faucet and pump from freezing 
4. drain grey water tanks (they don't completely drain dry)
5. pour winterizing fluid into sink drain to keep the grey water tanks from freezing.

I had some sort of crazy electrical problem happen on election day. The oil pressure buzzer and light started going off all the time when driving and at idle. The buzzer isn't supposed to work at idle so I knew that there was something wrong with the system. After taking the console apart and doing the bently electrical testing (which I swear burned out the LED oil light) I came to the conclusion that the zener diodes on the circuit board were malfunctioning. A trip to radio shack for diodes and a 12v red LED was successful and I managed to repair it. There still could be an oil pressure issue when the engine is hot but I have not taken the van on any long trips to test it out.

I also had to get a new wrist band for my casio databank 150 watch. I think this was third watch band I've purchased, they only last about 3-5 years before sudden catastrophic failure.

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