Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What the heck has Darren been doing?

You might be asking yourself this question if you have been following my blog. It is a perfectly reasonable question to ask considering the lack of posts. I apologize for the lack of details but I will try to explain in this post. Ever since I resigned from my job and moved back to CO to sort out my life, I have not spent much time working with the van or trying to simplify my life. I've been sort of living in the moment if you will.

Speaking of living, I am currently sitting in a hospital room watching over a friend who is about to have surgery. One moment life is going well, and then, in the next, you end up in the hospital waiting for surgery. Edit: Surgery went well and friend is recovering nicely.

Well, first off, I've resumed wearing a watch but I had to swap to my back-up watch because the primary one started randomly resetting itself. I still lose track of what day it is but I feel more productive with it on, also I've been putting more things (festivals, events, etc...) onto my google calender in an attempt to break up the monotony of dealing with my stuff and fixing things.

More boat life but I did a trip to Aspen to hike up to Conundrum Hot Springs. Super cool spot to camp out and hang out at. A hot spring pool at 12000 ft surrounded by rocky peaks is simply amazing. The hike up to it is intense, next time I do it I will only bring a water purifier instead of carrying in tons of water. I would prefer to bring a lighter tent too.

One 14er hike up Mt. Elbert which is the highest peak in CO. Surprisingly, the highest peak was the easiest one to do. A 2 hr hike up and 1.5hr back. I was able to maneuver the van up the rough dirt road and camp out at the trailhead. Off-roading with the van is so much fun and the accommodations are perfect. If I want to camp I can do so but I will always return to the van knowing that I can have a good night sleep.

I've spent time driving my classic mini around the mountains along the peak-to-peak highway. The big annual british car show was mid-september. I spent a week prior to it assembling a friend's mini and then had to detail my car for the show (clay bar, polish, wax, treat trim, etc..).

Last week I was in Colorado Springs enjoying the town and the Garden of the Gods. Lots of good food and cool sights. It is a microcosm of interesting people.

Other then the trips to and from the mountains I have not done anything to it. There is no power to climb hills. I had to take Loveland Pass instead of climbing through the tunnel because my top speed up the switch backs was 30mph in first gear. I had a similar top speed going up to Leadville. At their altitude, 10200ft, my top speed was 55mph on the flats.

I need to do something about this lack of power because it is keeping me from really enjoying the van. I can fix the issue by installing some new stock engine cylinders and rings to bring the van back to stock performance.
I could do a subaru power swap or an I4 VW engine swap....drool....1.8t audi turbo engine with gobs of power sounds about right to me. Sadly the engine swaps are too pricy and more work then I am willing to do right now.

lets see, what else have I been doing. Fixing/riding my bike and getting rid of stuff.
I have so much stuff it is unbelievable.

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