Monday, July 30, 2012

Travel Update! 7-30-2012

Well, it has been very interesting being unemployed. First off, I lose track of time and what day of the week it is because I don't wear my watch.

My return trip to Denver was uneventful. It took two days to get home with no problems with the van other then a slow climb up Raton pass and Monument Hill. I spent one night at a rest stop near the New Mexico border.

I have spent most of the time so far at the house, getting rid of old stuff and doing maintenance on our cars. Broken things seem to gravitate to me.

My parents purchased a 26ft Chris Craft which I helped launch into Lake Granby. I spent last week on the boat, cleaning and sorting it out. I plan on returning to it this coming week because it is really nice on Lake Granby. You are on a boat which is in a lake surrounded by the mountains of the Continental Divide. Assuming I can get the van up the mountain passes, I will then take it into the National Forest areas and do some extended camping and hiking. There was some tentative plans to do some caving but all caves have been closed to protect them from disease the bats are getting.

If the van does not make it up the pass, my plan will be to do a rebuild on the motor. I did a compression test and all cylinders returned 100psi cold. The bently manual states that 115 is the minimum. There are several options for rebuilding, the cheapest is to get a piston ring set and have the cylinders honed to fit the rings. Next would be a rebuild kit for a slightly larger 2.2 liter size. The most expensive being the 2.5liter kit with fancy cams and cranks but with the highest increase in horsepower and torque. The other alternative is to do a subaru engine swap. I'd really like to have a turbo diesel...

The monthly financial post will be coming soon.Will be a bit sad due to a lack of income to boost the dividend rate. 

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