Friday, May 4, 2012

Vandwelling update - Pre Marathon Edition

Well, the marathon I've been training for is finally here. I fly to Denver today and will return on the 13th, the marathon is on sunday. Surprise, surprise, looks like it might rain and a 20 degree drop in temperature that day. Sigh, any time I try to do something important in CO I get weather fucked.

More DVD copying to my hard drive. I am down to the last box which is mostly seasons of shows I like. It feels great to be able to carry my entire collection of movies and photos in one hand and store it in my pocket. Next step is to sell off the movies, although I am not quite ready to hand over some of them.

Van update:

Fog lights were installed last week. I need to add some spacers to get the light beam higher up and align the pattern. I used a spare defroster switch and an open slot on the dash board. It is awesome having them and will be even better once I have them setup correctly. Now I need to add a set to the rear to come on when backing up.

Oil was changed on Friday, the oil pressure warning light/buzzer kept coming on but I think it was just air pockets working their way through the system. I also think the technician overfilled the system but it seems to have settled down now.

Propane filled up on monday. 

Box of van parts sold - all I have now is some tune up parts, spare belts, and misc hardware. It feels good not having all that extra stuff. I honestly dont know why I was so concerned about having all that stuff. If I need to I can get all of it.

Fixed the seat beads, the string that held it together was coming undone so I replaced it with 80lb fishing wire.

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