Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fuel system update

Well, the van has been running fine all week long. I changed the filter but the problem is worse then I had initially anticipated.
The fuel tank is dented, probably by the lift machine at the oil change shop, or I drove over a large rock (which I haven't done). The dent is pushing the fuel gauge arm up causing bad readings at less then half a tank. The tank seam has also split slightly. The fix is a new or used tank. These are not cheap. I priced a new one at $150 but the damn tank has this crazy complicated mess of hoses and o-rings and seals which costs another $80. Throw in some shipping and I would be out at least $250 to fix it. The good news is that I already have a new fuel gauge sender unit to install into a new tank. I could attempt to fix the tank by banging the dent back out but I would still have to take the tank out and then weld the split seams.

I can ignore it for a while but eventually I should replace it. For now, I will stick to using the odometer to gauge fuel use-age or fill up at a quarter tank.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Darren. I vote for pulling the 4 bolts that hold the tank up and pressing out the dent using the handy vapor equalizing holes. These tanks are actually pretty easy to work on if you replace the tubes with longer material, and no matter what, use hi-temp silicone gasket maker (the red stuff). If you dont, your tank will leak when you fill up.