Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh the things I keep...

Such stupid things... I keep working at my trimming down my pile of stuff and it feels great. Sunday I went through my box of van parts and decided that I could function perfectly well without half of what was in the box. The problem is that I don't want this stuff but who else would want it? The other half is stuff directly related to the performance and operation of the van and so, for now, I will keep it around.

My Katadyn reverse osmosis water purification system is now on craigslist. Hopefully some survival person sees it and is interested. I could put it on ebay and sell it but I really don't want to deal with shipping it.

After the camping trip this coming weekend I will think about putting my tent on craigslist. The idea of carrying around a 12lb tent is not as appealing as i had thought. It is too big for my needs.

I've copied one third of my DVD collection onto my laptop and I'll be needing to get that external hard drive soon, currently 60% full. Once they are all copied, I will put them on the company bulletin board and sell them off.

I am mailing two boxes of stuff back to CO. One box contains detailing supplies for my Mini and the other is a box of kitchen towels for my mother.

I've made some progress on paperwork that I thought I couldn't get rid of, turns out that I can. Everything from financial statements to old school document are now on my google docs folder and my laptop. I am losing physical clutter and gaining digital weight. Which one would you want to keep?

Had to refill the propane tank on Easter Sunday.

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