Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The battle continues...

It is Man vs Van vs Stuff

VS Van
I've completed the repairs to the cooling system. Last week I was trying to find out why my battery light had decided to stay on, turned out to be a bad wire but the next day the belt that drives the water pump broke. The broken belt damaged the coolant reservoir and some hoses. I simply pulled the power steering belt off and put in on the water pump, had to drive around for a week without power steering. I've replaced the two coolant tanks, pressure caps, new hoses and belts. Currently in the process of getting all the air out of the system.

VS Stuff
Lots of progress last weekend:
I donated three sets of sheets, some clothes, and threw out some used van parts.
I've eliminated the rest of the food and other consumables (except for vitamins).
Gave away some books and some more garage fluids (cleaners and oils).
I did a rough pass through my DVD collection looking for movies that I could easily live without and started copying them onto my laptop. The rest will come later on. I will be getting an external hard drive to dedicate to movies and photos.
Ive sold the jack and axle stands, they were not built to lift/hold the weight of the van and wouldn't be safe to use.
A director chair or two may be sold later this week.

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