Saturday, February 18, 2012

So what is in my van, let me show you

Someone asked about what I keep in the van and where, here is my answer (some of the stuff I have, more in a future post)

The rear cabinet mostly contains socks and underwear but it also has shoes, shorts, and repair manuals. I keep my van life shirt and Mini hats here as well. See photo.

Next is the wardrobe closet which is where my hanging clothes are. I also keep the dirty laundry bag in here.

The two storage bins below the main table contain misc food things like a container of almonds, produce bags, ice pack, cutting board, loaf of bread (sometimes), spare food storage containers. The other storage bin is where I keep my pants and camera (not pictured) and the storage bin below the camera has the power cable and "dirty shoes"

I also took a photo of the kitchen drawer, lots of crap in here but all very useful.

Notice the position of the lighter, it is velcro attached to the side of the drawer making it very easy to find for lighting the stove

Here is a shot of the stuff in my shower bag.

Ill get photos of the pantry area in another post, it will take a while due to the size of the space. The same applies to the space below the rear bench.


  1. Your blog post title is creepy and makes me laugh, I'm betting you did that on purpose. I want my spry gum back.

    1. Only creepy by accident. The gum is now part of the pantry supplies to be consumed by van-dwelling occupants

    2. You traveling gypsies are known for your thievery!

  2. Interesting post. Look forward to more photos. Looks very organized as I imagine small space living requires.

    1. More photos are coming as fast as I can take and edit them. I have a post I am working on about the stuff in my storage unit.
      I organized the stuff for the photo so that items could be easily identified. Small space living does require organization but it demands a certain level of neatness. The van can turn into a rats nest very easily if stuff isn't put away after use.