Friday, February 24, 2012

It is friday!

Just a bit of inspiration for those of us at work.

Saturday I have a 10K (6.2mile) race which is just for fun considering I ran 9 miles on sunday, 6 on tuesday, and another 6 on thursday. Thursday's run I did in 55 minutes, a personal best.  It is also the pace I would have to maintain to do the marathon in under 4 hrs. I need lots of training to keep this pace.

I had to take the van to the tire shop because a slow leak developed in a rear tire. After the technician broke my hubcap, I was told that the puncture was too high on the sidewall to repair and that they would have to replace it (under warranty). New tire to arrive sometime early  next week, I asked for them to order a second one to replace the ancient spare tire. The shop has to replace my hubcaps so I might have them compensate me for the cost of replacement against the cost of the spare tire instead.

I must go to goodwill this weekend and donate a bunch of stuff. I am running out of room in the van.

btw, I promise to fix the keystone issues with the photos in the previous post. I forgot how to do it in my editing software and had to relearn this week. 

I want to go through the spare van parts and make an inventory then determine what to keep.
I want to find out what is causing the jerky acceleration, I think it may be an issue with the air flow signal. I will finally get to use my hand held oscilloscope to test with.
I need to adjust the idle switch and replace the cam screw.
Still need to deal with brake switch issues. Need to bleed brakes and adjust rear shoes.  Also want to measure the spare brake parts (discs and drums) that came with the van to determine if they are worth keeping or recycle.

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