Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I have returned from my last vacation for a while

The ski trip was a lot of fun and I definitely enjoyed using the hot tub every day. Sadly the first half of the year does not have any useable holidays to take vacations, at least not until memorial day in May. Being separated from the people I love is the hardest part of "working" in Houston.

Update on parking situation: I have my "for sale house" spot again, the contract was terminated just before Christmas and the owners asked if I wanted to stay there again and watch over it. Naturally I agreed, it is so nice to be able to park in the same spot at night.
I have already started planning some van projects like replacing the oxygen sensor, coolant sensor, and bleeding/adjusting the brake system. I've also ordered some floor mats and a new fan resistor. If I am feeling ambitious I could get all this stuff done by Sunday. If the house has an electrical outlet I might even vacuum the interior out before installing the floor mats.

Propane ran out again after having only the fridge running continuously since the 28th. 19days is the longest it has ever run for but I am glad that it has run out. I need to put some sealant on the hose fittings for the stove and fridge as there seems to be a slight leak.

I need to do an inventory of all the stuff in the van, There are a lot of unneeded items cluttering up what little space I have. Maybe I can get some photos of either the ski trip or my progress with the van posted.

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