Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30 - Weekend Update

Fan resistor is installed and appears to be operating correctly.
New brake light bulbs installed, need to replace the pressure switches. Will flush the brake system fluids when I do the switches, probably will happen mid February on a three day weekend.
Coolant sensor installed, seems to be working although I have no way of verifying any improvements to how it runs. Maybe some mpg increases would be an indicator. Still need to replace O2 sensor.
I replaced both headlight bulbs, one went out last week so now I have a good used spare. I also cleaned up the side marker units, corrosion was preventing the bulbs from working correctly.

Ran 11 miles on sunday, once again my left knee is hurting along with the rest of the joints below my hips. Need to get sports drink mix and gels to survive beyond 10 miles.

Tomorrow I'll post the financial update, should be painful.

1 comment:

  1. maybe you need to change your stride to reduce joint pain?