Monday, January 23, 2012

1/23 - Weekend Update - Half Marathon

This past weekend was a rather interesting one. Such luxury to be parking at the same location each evening and weekend. I fully enjoyed the use of a nearby wifi hotspot and also plugged into the house for power for the laptop.
I was able to pull the fridge out and put sealant on the lpg line that runs to the small box at the back of the fridge. I believe that this was the small leak that I had as I have not been smelling any propane since doing this project but I also tightened up the stove fittings and replaced the shaft on the middle burner for the stove just in-case these were the leak sources.
My new rubber floor mats arrived and they are sweet! So nice to be able to simply shake the rocks out instead of worrying about getting my clean carpet dirty and greasy.

I attempted to install the fan resistor but ran into problems, the new resistor comes with a different type of plug and I needed to swap the connectors from the old resistor, I will attempt to install again after work and hopefully have a fully functional fan unit. Without the fan resistor the fan can only run at high speed.

The oxygen sensor will need some serious torque to get out, I tried without success to get it out on friday. Either I go and purchase an oxygen sensor socket or large wrench and try again or I take the van to a shop and pay them to install my new sensor. The latter is getting more and more appealing each time I think about it. I will try to do the coolant sensor this week.

I also need to install the used front rubber bumper trim piece, I know this was a silly purchase but it will make the van more presentable from its front view.

Need to order two brake light switches, the lights hardly work and only come on under very hard braking.

Fun things this past weekend:
Trip to St. Arnolds Brewery for the Saturday tasting. This was followed up by watching The Kings Speech which was followed up with an evening of games at a friends place.

Sunday I ran an impromptu Half Marathon (13.1 miles) - It nearly destroyed me but the rest of the runners seemed to be unfazed by the trip. I need to do a lot more training if I am to survive the full marathon in May. I also need to figure out what part of my stride is stressing out my knees as they were preventing me from keeping up a good pace after mile 9.

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