Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I seem to be getting my priorities confused. Maybe it is because I don't have them written down or perhaps it is because they keep changing. Either way I am still doing exactly what I've been doing and still complaining that things are not getting any better.

I thought I would have been able to get rid of most of my stuff after two months yet I still have a storage unit with lots of stuff. My desire for freedom from stuff was not a priority and so it suffered.

I keep complaining about my job and how it does not fulfill my desires and needs yet my search for a new one has not started in earnest. I may never know what I want or need but I do know that I want the ability to try new things irregardless of income.

An endless stream of complaints about my lack of yoga has not enabled me to do any. It was not a priority for me, I let other activities take over. Now I have to do a regular running routine if I am to survive the marathon I'm signed up for in May.

I continuously complain about the cold weather yet I am still living in a place that has a winter season.

It is time to break this pattern

Freedom from stuff - The only items I want to keep* in the storage unit are things that are either irreplaceable, extremely sentimental, activity related (golf clubs, camping gear, DVDs, etc..) or van parts (although I should go through the parts and sell off the stuff that I can easily reacquire). If there is something that I can repurchase in the future with an identical or better item as needed then I will get rid of the current version in favor of being free. The exception to this point will be my work clothes, until I get a job that does not require business attire I will have to keep my current wardrobe and ironing supplies in there.
*yes, the goal is to be mobile and I could part with the sentimental and activity related items, could also get rid of car parts, related tools, and fluids if I stopped driving. 

Job - not sure on direction with this, do I continue to suck the resources out of my company and feed it into dividend producing stocks or go find something more interesting.

Running - Ive got two groups of people who go running regularly and they are providing enough motivation to keep me on track however I still need to do some on my own. 

Location - more research into agreeable climates is needed. Hawaii works but there may be better places and I need to find them.

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