Monday, December 5, 2011

12-5 Weekend Update

What an interesting weekend I had. First, a short back story.

On Thursday, I had a social event with work. This translates to "the young employees go out and awkwardly drink together on company funds". Normally I avoid these events in favor of doing more productive activities but this time I had a surprise party to go to afterwards and could gracefully exit after participating for approximately one hour. Another reason I attended was because it was on the way to the surprise party. Anyway, I am at the party enjoying a nice English beer when someone who I have met via the bowling group spots me. The details of the conversation are unimportant but the outcome is; they have a house for sale a block away from work and I am allowed to park in the driveway till the house sells.

Thats right, I have a dedicated parking spot!! Free of charge because having a vehicle parked in the driveway of an empty house creates the illusion of it being inhabited and therefore less likely to be stripped of it's precious metals. I would like to be able to keep it parked there all day and night and just walk to/from work but the current agreement is for evenings. I wouldn't want to be blocking the driveway when the real estate agent tries to show the "empty" house.

I helped move an upright piano and also assembled it on Saturday. I am glad that my instrument of choice is a guitar, very easy to move around.

Despite it being a block away, I was still late this morning. I blame it on the running and racquetball on Sunday, I am so sore.

Still out of propane, I called the shop today and the pump is still broken. I really want to make some popcorn.
Laundry was completed on Friday, need to iron out a few shirts. I did clean up the van and also did a through cleaning of the fridge, why did the fridge engineers decided to design it with an intricate molded shell? I had to use a fine cleaning brush to get the grime out of all the under-cut edges and channels.
Did not even bother looking at the repair manual or check out the brake bulb, still need to adjust throttle switch.

I'm making a list of parts to order for the van, coolant sensor, oxygen sensor, fan resistor, rubber floor mats, etc....wants vs needs. It is easy to get carried away with this list as I want the van to be in top condition but then I have to remind myself that my money could be doing better things, new window rubber molding or dividends, hmm... I do need to budget for a new windshield, rubber trim and wiper blades, the cracks and chips are getting worse.

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