Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Plans

My holiday starts right after work, I've got vacation through the 28th and plan on having some fun or at least get some rest. I might have to move some of my parents stuff and also sort through my old crap. Actually I need to go through my old crap and get rid of most of it, freeing up part of my life and leaving a pile of old stuff with my parents is not a good strategy. I really wish I had been able to finish my project car as it is taking up way more space while in pieces. I guess I will focus on stuff that can be easily replaced and then follow up with stuff I no longer want/need. I am sure I will have to spend some time doing car maintenance at least one of the days, the mini needs an oil change but I can only do it if I have a spare filter and I should start the gt6 motor to keep the rust off the cylinders and other bits.

The van will be parked at an airport parking lot, I have already taken my laptop and camera to my friends place and the rest of the "slightly valuable" stuff is in my storage unit. The really important stuff is locked in my office filing cabinet; who breaks into an office building looking for valuable personal items?

Upon returning from vacation I have to install the manual filling valve for the propane tank, not having a working fridge and stove has been quite inconvenient and expensive. 

If anyone needs some smartwool socks, they are 25% off at REI for the holiday week. I was there on thursday and picked up a pair of black skiing socks to replace my work socks and they are amazing.


  1. You are a rei member, right? Getting the dividend?

  2. Yes, I am a member and getting the dividends.