Thursday, November 3, 2011

The flow of information in a corporation

Incase any of you followers or viewers are unfamiliar with working within a corporation, let me explain how information actually travels because it defies logic.
On the outside, when you need information from someone, say you want to know how to get to a friend's house, you send an email and they respond with what you need.

See diagram below:  person L sends email to person S, they respond and problem solved. 
In my corporate world the information travels like so:

L wants information from S but L is busy and so A is in charge of gathering the information and compiling into a summary for L. A is rather busy so I get tasked with trying to get information from S. Person S, who is equally as busy as L, comes from the world of installing equipment and as such these people tend to not operate in the digital world, I have to physically walk to S's office to ask for information which is at the other end of the building. Since S isn't with the digital world, I am provided a brief summary despite requests for an email but some information that I need is contained within subordinate G who also does not exists in the digital realm. Person G lives several floors above me and so I have to continue my travels to reach G. G is also a busy person and spends a considerable time in meetings as well as being out of the office entirely. Once contact is made with G, I need to request that G sends information to S to send to L Contacting both G and S is very much like attempting to capture a stray cat. They only appear for brief periods and are scared away by loud noises. I basically have to set up camp outside the office, wait till they appear, and beg for spare minutes. This will generally agitate them and reduce the quality of information that I seek which reduces the chance that an email will be sent with the information that I requested forcing me to return with a follow up visit. Meanwhile L is wondering where the information is which forces A to ask for a status update from Me as well as what I have managed to accomplish over the course of the day. How can one justify spending an entire day attempting to get an email sent from S to L, what about the actual work that I had to do?...

This is what engineers do all day long, if you believe otherwise you have no chance to survive, make your time. All your base are belong to us!

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