Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back in H-Town and my dream

I am back in Houston after a very action packed vacation surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday. I return again for Christmas and the next two weeks at work will feel like an eternity.

There was no time to relax, between seeing family, friends, and blog followers there was no spare time. I did get rid of some unneeded items and did some of the car stuff as mentioned in the previous post.

Seeing all the stuff I have acquired and forgotten about made me feel ill. I know there is a lot of useful items in the attic that I won't be using but would be useful if I had a child. Do I continue to retain these items in the attic knowing that my parents wont be moving any time soon or do I just eliminate them and plan on purchasing new/used stuff if/when it is needed.

Another blindingly obvious fact that I have come to grips with is that cars have consumed a significant portion of my life. cleaning, repairing, restoring, traveling in, etc.... Especially my attachment to the classic Mini. I have piles of parts and tools (hand tools, detailing tools/supplies, restoration tools, etc..) which take up space in storage as well as memorabilia and collectibles; models, posters, shirts, hats, magnets, books, pens, movies, etc...  The mini is so embedded into my life that it may be impossible to separate from. I understand that it is just a car and do not need it to survive but I have too much fun with it. In a way it sort of defines who I became and also represents my collective abilities. I have resisted the urge to collect van related items but I still have two boxes of parts that came with it as well as two van related shirts. I shall try to eliminate more stuff from my storage unit, probably going to focus on consumables and other household items.

The farther down the minimalism path I travel the less interested I am with driving and of cars in general.
I had a dream last week, I was living in a small house with glass walls in Hawaii. There was a greenhouse which provided the majority of my food and all utilities were generated on-site. There was a yoga/meditation rock garden with waterfall and a view of the ocean. In the dream I worked for pleasure instead of necessity and creativity outweighed consumption.

Financial post tomorrow, lots of scary numbers and trends after the recent holiday/vacation.

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