Monday, November 7, 2011

11/7 Weekend update - popcorn and flannel

The weekend was spent working on Colin's table, playing guitar, eating out, working out, laundry, playing Starcraft, Friday night party and a 11/5 party with V for Vendetta film as conclusion.

Saturday, after working out and having lunch with the Stuarts, I did laundry which cost was approx $5 for the two loads and dry time. I also switched my sheets over to flannel, which was a signal for the weather to spontaneously get hotter then usual at night leaving me cursing my weather luck yet again.

I finally got to have my popcorn conversation Saturday night. The popcorn conversation is exactly what it sounds like, a conversation about popcorn. A mutual friend is a foodie and cooks very tasty stuff and so I wanted to talk to her about the finer points of popping popcorn, the oil to use, temperature, toppings, pan types, and popcorn source/quality. Now that I am armed with new information and ideas I can continue on my quest for the perfect popcorn batch. It is a good thing that popcorn is an inexpensive food source as I plan on eating a lot of it.  See the wiki for more info

I cleaned the fridge on Sunday.  The entire process took approx one hour which includes restocking with the recently purchased food. I need to eat more green foods, since moving into the van my green food intake has dropped to almost 0 while brown, red, white, orange, and yellow are at all time highs.

I've ordered another Smartwool microweight t-shirt, this time in a grey color. I think two of these t-shirts are all I need for most of the activities that I do.

Hope to so some purging of the storage unit this week, not sure what I want to focus on yet, maybe cleaning supplies or office stuff.

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