Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/15 - Weekend Update

Ya, I missed the monday posting of my weekend update. I was supposed to spend all day at Jury duty but right before our group entered the court the lawyers managed to settle the dispute and we were released. I was really looking forward to taking part of a court case, listening to the lawyers give points/counterpoints and evidence trails. Anything that isn't going to work is exciting but after being released I ended up heading back to my home region because I didn't know what else to do. I did get some supplies at whole foods and also took the van in for an oil change, had dinner at a Vietnamese place. I am still waiting for my propane tank valve, until it arrives I have no refrigeration or cooking abilities.

I've received a few responses from my craigslist post for a regular parking spot.  I will be following up later this week. Hopefully I can get something for free because the most I would pay to park per month is like $40 and it would have to be the perfect spot.

This past weekend was interesting, saw Wayne on Wednesday and Thursday for b-day parties, spent friday wandering around a park with a really cool burned out section that would be perfect for a photoshoot and learning guitar stuff. Saturday disappeared into trivial tasks and computer oblivion along with storage unit clean up (got rid of kitchen stuff like potato masher and pizza cutter and various glasses)
Sunday I modified an ikea desk into a coffee table and went to the Thanksgiving dinner event at the Table.

Plan for this week is to go running after work tonight, pack for upcoming trip home, and install propane tank fitting (if it arrives in time)


  1. What is this? You are looking for a spot to park on Craigslist? hahahaha...wow. That is actually a good idea.

  2. The morning commute to work from an unknown location every day is wearing me down, does it take 10 min, 20 min, am I with traffic or against, etc... With a dedicated parking spot I could plan my routes more efficiently and save even more time to do fun things. Don't worry, I do not have any intention of settling down or moving into an apartment any time soon.