Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No running water, no gas, no heat, no fridge...How do you survive?

I ran out of propane last night, approx 17 days of continuous fridge use and several pots of rice and beans and one large gnocchi meal last weekend. This time I will try to convince the guy filling the tank up that my vehicle is propane powered so that I can get it at the cheaper price. Obviously the fridge stopped working but a quick mental check (since the fridge is very slow to cool stuff down you have to remember everything that is inside and decide what you want before opening to conserve the precious cold air) revealed that the only items in danger are my remaining strawberries(which may already have gone bad), the mini peeled carrots, and leftover rice/beans/corn from last night. I may spend some time with the fridge off and see if it negatively impacts me.

Water pump will hopefully arrive on Thursday, I've been using water bottles in the mean time and refilling by dipping them into the water tank. An inconvenience but I still wouldn't want to be paying rent in an apt.

The weather around here is finally getting back to the nice daytime, 90s, temperature with cool nights. By cool I mean low 60s. Now I need to sleep with both a sheet and a blanket! Soon, like late November, I will have to start using the down comforter or sleeping bag. I think a wool hat would help, maybe a red one like what Steve Zissou wears.

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