Friday, October 7, 2011

10/7 - Weekend Goals

Yet another weekend thus approaches.
I now have running water, the new pump came in yesterday and after an hour of digging around the cabinets it was fitted and operating. I believe that the new pump has a higher flow rate which means I need to get a diffuser or some way to reduce the flow to conserve water. Actually, I take that back, conserving water is not the priority, not filling up the grey water tanks is my priority.  Speaking of grey water tanks, I think the shut off valve leaks.

This weekend will look very similar to the last two in that I will be down at the marina except that I will be doing the ASA101 basic keelboat course instead of a club sail. It is a two day course and should be lots of fun. I've been studying the book all week. Lots of strange terminology like Clew. By the end of the day sunday I should be capable of sailing a 20ft boat in light to moderate winds.

I've been seeing a small wet spot behind the rear of the van, something must be leaking. I need to investigate this, also found out that the high pressure oil switch had been bypassed several years ago so I need to reattach it and see what is going on. I have no idea where my soldering iron or multimeter is so I guess ill have to get another one.

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