Monday, October 3, 2011

10/4 - Weekend Update

I went on a club sail again, this time there was way more people and lots of food. I signed up to take the asa101 course next weekend and the sailing book I ordered last week arrived today so I have a week to study it.
The club sail was so relaxing, perfect weather and very sunny. I am disappointed whenever the guests turn on the radio, listening to the sea is so much nicer. When this happens I just go hang out on the bow and watch the waves and the coast pass by.  There were a couple of dolphins that followed us for a few hours.

The water pump for the van's sink decided to die on sunday so I had to order a new one today.

Sunday I just followed the dock hands around doing what they do and trying to learn as much as I can about boats. A new boat owner wanted to know if we did boat maintenance and wanted to hire us, sadly I was not in any position to do so but the other guys were. Working with the dock hands did not feel like work and it was nice to be outside. I doubt they get paid much.

A cool thing about being in a marina is that the people there are very friendly. I met way more people in one day then I know from working for two years in an office.

The drive back home was depressing.

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