Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/24 weekend update and quarterly dividend payouts

Well, I survived yet another end of the world prediction and also had a lot of fun at the Halloween costume party. I did not do a full setup of the camper because it was unnecessary, I barely had time to sleep in it.

I am out of propane again, 15 days after I last filled it up 10/10. Seems like it always runs out in the middle of the night. This may be the one part of the van that limits my long trips that I have planned. If I only have 15 days worth of propane then I guess that is the longest amount of time I can be away and still keep fresh food. I will have to play with the temperature knob and see if I can get a few extra days by turning it to a warmer setting, right now it is on max cold. Max cold is cold enough to cause frost buildup on the cooling grates, definitely needs a circulation fan. It seems like the small amount I use for cooking does not have much of an impact

I finally received the quarterly dividends from the two companies that I own stock in that pay quarterly dividends. Total income was $48, woot!!, equal to 2% per year on the cash I need although I only received a small portion of one stock that was recently purchased and I think that it has something to do with the time owned not being a whole quarter. (note: this is income is before I realized that I needed to redistribute to increase the dividend payouts, Q4 should be much more profitable, although it always is due to end of year capital gains payouts)


  1. Hey Darren, If you haven't already read "Your Money or Your Life" then I would check it out. It focuses on things you're probably already doing but could give you some encouragement if you're looking for it - also reminds you to be directed towards your dreams instead of just more free time. Its a hot book in simplicity circles.

    BTW - I just sold my hitop Westy that I'd been living in for a couple years - good luck on your quest!


  2. I've read the book and have plans to re-read it. It inspired me in 09 to pay off my only loan debt and basically started me down this path of simple living and financial independence. I wish more people would read and implement the ideas within.

    Congrats on the sale, I kinda wish I had an adventurewagon with the westy interior and some overpowered motor.

  3. If you have any tips from living in your westy I would love to hear them/share on this blog.