Friday, October 21, 2011

10/21 - Weekend Goals and Dometic Fridge observations

Assuming the world does not end on midnight tonight...who knows if crazy old preacher guy will be right or wrong this time.

No sailing this weekend, I have a Halloween costume party to go to saturday night and it is as far away as the marina but in exactly the opposite direction. This will be the second time I get to use my Napoleon Dynamite costume. I purchased a wig and glasses kit but made the "vote for pedro" shirt. I am looking forward to using all the camping equipment on the van as intended. The party is at a farm and I plan on staying overnight, hopefully the weather won't be too cool and I will get to put up the pop top. I will try to get a photo of it fully set-up.

Vandwelling observations:
Having a dedicated night parking spot will greatly reduce the stresses of daily life and allow you to develop a daily routine. Without a routine, time gets wasted about thinking what to do next instead of doing.

The dometic fridge works better then I had initially thought. I have managed to keep fresh herbs and strawberries as well as freeze a cucumber. Without knowing the exact temperature I would still be wary of keeping dairy or meat for long periods. (Not an issue for me since I am a vegetarian) The performance is definitely tied to what ambient air temperature is, anything above 80 and it just keeps things cool but not cold and struggles to recover from heat gain after opening.

Notes about food placement within the fridge: This is not a normal fridge, the shelves are strange and storage is an issue

The door holds water bottles very well but the trick is to find the right size water bottle, mineral water bottles fit very well.I put my kiwis in the top shelf of the door because this shelf is the most protected and kiwis fit very well up there.

Strawberries and other fruits that are prone to going bad quickly need to be put onto the middle shelf as this is nearest the cooling fins, however it is just below the water drip tray so do not place food that can be damaged by water.

The floor level is where I put oranges, bananas and peanut butter and jelly jars. The floor collects water that gets splashed off of the drip tray so only put food with waterproof skins or jars down there.

The top shelf is for breads and apples or other fruit that gets damaged easily, this shelf is the second most protected but the last to cool down. Garlic and tomatoes also go up there.

Another tip is to not store anything in a bag inside the fridge. There is a wizard that come out of hiding when you close the door and will transform the bags into knotted piles of plastic which somehow absorb large quantities of water that will only drain out once you remove them from the fridge and drench the carpet. Avoid produce bags at all costs. The exception is carrot bags, these have magical anti-wizard features.

Best of luck finding properly sized tupperware to fit the shelves. I have a couple that work but only if I tilt them at certain angles.

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