Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17 - weekend update

Once again I went sailing. this time it was unplanned. The school was looking for another person to go on the "skills building" session that is included with the ASA101 course. Naturally I agreed to go and was even more excited when they told me that the boat we would be using was a racing boat. Unfortunately there was not a lot of wind on Saturday.

The skill building session was approx. 3 hrs long which left me with plenty of "free" time that afternoon/evening. I ended up hanging around the marina till dusk and then wandered around the boardwalk to see all the flashing lights. After walking the boardwalk and checking out the moon-rise I ended up back at the van and went to sleep early. I was too exhausted to go and listen to the band at the monkey bar.

While relaxing at the boardwalk I saw a vw westfalia drive into the parking lot, same white but two years older then mine. I sprinted over to the van and had a good conversation with the owners.

Not much happened on Sunday, I came back before noon and ended up reading Born to Run at the bookstore. A couple of games of starcraft after that and then I parked in a new hotel parking lot, I plan on parking there all week as an experiment to see if anyone will notice.

Stuff update: Sold the bed frame on friday and will hopefully sell the dvd player this week.
Added a new blue polo and the beige golf pants to the work wardrobe to replace the cotton versions.
Returned the REI base layer shirt and also returned the sperry boat shoes. I want to get another smartwool shirt in another color, with two of them I could do just about eliminate all of my other shirts.

I need to get rid of more crap.

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