Monday, October 10, 2011

10/10 - weekend update

Sailing went well, I passed the test but the sunday sailing part of the course was rained out. I'll have to come back some other weekend and join the next class. I now have rain gear on my list of things to get, my only jacket is just weatherproof and not waterproof.

I have a problem with unplanned free time. This is only a problem when I know that I have stuff to do but can not remember what it is or am unable to do it due to lack of resources.

After the sailing class I did not know what to do. The club sails have parties afterward and that is what I had expected to happen but everyone left for the day leaving me on my own. What to do with a free evening?
I did what all the other tourists do, walked the boardwalk (although I didn't spend any money) and got soaked by the ocean bashing into the seawall. (getting soaked while wearing quick dry clothing is fun, need to get a haircut though).  At night I wandered into a bar with the best sounding band, had a few beers and met the band/locals. There is nothing more satisfying then walking from a bar back to an RV and going to sleep next to the place you need to be in the morning (just remember to take off your clothes before falling asleep).

Side note:
I had a very enjoyable sunday evening in the parking lot of starbucks. It was raining, I cooked up some gnocchi with pandora running and then watched Into the Wild. I was in a zen like state and everything outside of the van seemed to have disappeared.

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