Monday, September 12, 2011

Letting go of stuff and weekend observations

Saturday I donated some stuff to goodwill:
I released the drop leaf table into the wild, godspeed bizarre creation.
The GE alarm clock, shower attachment, printer, dish rack, computer speakers, and some shirts. I have stuff on craigslist but have not sold anything this week. I was a fool to have purchased all this crap and  now I am paying the price once again. I will be giving a few garage things to a friend and someone is interested in purchasing a lot of the woodworking stuff later this week.

The Lexus is sold. cash buyer. I am feeling much better having sold the car, I was worried that it was going to get towed out of the apt parking lot since I no longer live there. 

My diet is getting worse, surviving on peanut butter and honey on chips and some random fruit. Also having plain popcorn.

Grey water tanks were drained into a very dry looking shrub in the park. Main water tank was topped off from auxiliary storage tank under van.

The weekends are strange. During the  week it is easy to be in the van, drive to work and park all day, drive to parking spot and sleep but the weekend lacks structure. I feel like I am aimlessly driving around to do random tasks. I've also lost most of my motivation to do anything, only want to relax on the beach or in the pool.

Still can not get to work on time, showed up at 8:30 today. I am starting to suspect that it is a lack of sleep or poor sleep quality that is causing this problem.

No progress on van projects. It was really hot and I had no motivation.

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  1. Darren - you're pretty good at setting goals for yourself. Maybe you could focus on setting some weekend goals (structure) so they won't seem so strange to you. Best of luck. Just remember that change can be difficult - even planned change.