Friday, September 9, 2011

Gotoobs rule! and weekend goals

My box from amazon containing the new fan and gotoobs arrived yesterday. The Gotoobs are sweet. I went with the 2fl oz bottles with the suction cups on the back. Now I can remove the heavy and bulky bottles out of my gym bag and refill these when they get low. Saves weight and space in the van. I even get to have a bit of fun in the shower with bottle races. Stick them on a moist glass surface and watch them slowly race to the bottom!

The fan is awesome as well, although a tad bit too big for my small space. Speed one is comparable to a slow breeze while 2 is good for kite flying, speed three is hurricane like. The best part is that it is very quiet, even on speed three.  I can sneak it behind the driver seat for storage, almost like it was made to fit there. Ill snap a photo.

A box from GoWesty also arrived, it contained my tune up kit and the sink switch kit. Tune up kit is obviously just a bunch of new parts for the motor.

The sink switch kit is a very slick kit.
There is a rubber diaphragm which, when stepped, on will compress air and trigger either a momentary or full on switch. There is a fine line between momentary on and the full and I need to get my foot adjusted. The reason the switch is funky is that it is designed for triggering cameras where you press the shutter button to get the autofocus and exposure readings and then press harder to take the photo.

Funny observations in the van:
the food in the fridge needs to be packed very carefully to prevent stuff from rolling around while driving. I didn't realize how much moving the food can do and lost a pear due to excessive abuse.
Moisture is also a bit of an issue with the fridge.
When cooking for one, be sure and keep a variety of snack food to offset any shortages that occur.

I have not figured out which direction is better for sleeping, facing the front of the van or the back. If facing the front, your head and chest is surrounded by the cabinets and above the engine compartment which radiates heat for hours after you have parked and thus making it harder to go to sleep while the feet get exposed to the cross ventilation. Obviously you would want to sleep with head/chest in the cross ventilation to stay cool and sleep better but the outside temperature change from 10pm to 6am is significant enough to require blankets. So the question is, would you rather fall asleep easily but have trouble waking up or the opposite?

I still can not get to work any earlier then 7:15. I think it is somehow related to the sleep problem above and the shortness of the alarm on the phone. I miss my GE alarmclock.

Weekend goals:
Get rid of more stuff!! My storage unit makes me ill when I look at it. Ill snap a pic this weekend.
Drain grey water tanks and start refilling main water tank, I am currently at the yellow led marker on the control panel so I am guessing that is roughly equal to 5 gallons left. If so then there is an equal amount in the grey water tanks. I will probably add some chlorine to the tanks before draining. 
Do some laundry and swap out for different work clothes. I am curious to see if the new pants come out wrinkle free, if so then I am sold and will get the two other colors and donate all my old pants.

Need to wire the cigarette lighter port to the auxiliary battery and also get a dc timer so I can have the fan run for say 30min right before I go to sleep.
Stickers will get put on, I am tired of having to move them around the van.

Speedometer cable issue was just a lost clip on the end of the cable at the wheel, fixed with a bent paperclip.

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