Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2 of van life

Technically I have only slept in the van for one night. The day I had to move out I spent way too much time dealing with small items and cleaning up the place. I had everything out by 11pm but the van was packed and I would have been sleeping on a table so I spent the night at a neighbor's place.
I did sleep in the van last night and it was awesome. The heat is annoying but with a fan I should be ok, the morning temperature is very comfortable. If I can park with the rear hatch open I may not need a fan, I purchased this piece of steel that allows the rear hatch to be opened like 5 inches but still locked in place.

It feels weird not to have a place to go to, I get in the van and feel like I need to be driving somewhere or doing something.

The fridge is stocked with food that shouldn't go bad for a few days.

I need to change out the switch for the sink, it wastes to much water while I struggle to get it to turn off with wet hands. I've ordered the GW foot switch kit.

Apparently I hoard food and water and packaging material. This is a problem, need to eat through my supplies and finish off my water supplies. There are plenty of locations to refill my water tanks.

No rain for this weekend, apparently TX is too hot and dry to attract the tropical depression.

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