Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26 Weekend Update - Sailing!!

Anyone notice the lack of weekend goals post last week? I didn't write one because I needed an open weekend to do cool things.

Saturday I went sailing. I tried to sign up for the ASA101 class but it was full however the sailing club associated with the school was going for a day sail so I signed up to go with them instead. Spent 5hrs on the water with very steady winds. It was as awesome as I had imagined it to be. Traveling at 4.5-6 knots is very relaxing and being out on the water with no distractions other then the boat and the wind forces you to relax.
Upon returning to land there was an 8hr party of fancy food and wine, I do not drink wine but the food was very tasty. I stayed in the sailing school parking lot that night and spent half of sunday just hanging out with the other sailors and walking around the docks.

Sailors are way cool! Each one I met had more stories and personality then my entire office building combined. One guy spent three years surfing down the west coast into South America.

I know that I can not afford to be a boat owner, it takes a certain level of wealth to be one and I am clearly not at that level. However, I need to be on the receiving end. If the sailing company had offered me a job I would have taken it without hesitation. The best way to learn everything about sailing is to work with it daily.

Ill put up some photos of the day at some point.

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