Thursday, September 15, 2011

9/16 Weekend goals

The only goals I could come up with are kinda lame compared to the previous weekend goals posts. Mainly because I did most of the hard stuff with the van before moving in.

  • I need to add a fuse to the radio wiring circuit and while there I will do the wiring for the auxiliary power socket on the dash (also need to get a fuse). Need to find a power source to plug in soldering iron or get inverter.
  • Clean the front storage box on the roof. I put the stickers on and now it looks funny with just a small clean spot. 
  • Need to add more water to the internal tank, doing laundry last night used up 2 gallons and I still have lots more to do. 
  • I wanted to velcro the more commonly used items to the inside of the kitchen cover 
  • Need to go to REI and get a couple more GoToobs
  • Clean out the glove box, so much crap has piled up in there that it is getting difficult to close
  • The window covers are piling up in the middle of the van and taking up too much space, I need to sort through and keep the essential ones in readily accessible spots and put the rest in the pop top bunk. 
  • Do some research on the LED light project
  • I guess I need to install the tune up kit, doesn't do much good sitting in the box
I need to add more photos to the blog, large blocks of text are boring to read through and it is a good reason to use the camera. 

more to come...
in the mean time have a look at

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