Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two days left!

48 hours of apartment life left.

Last night, after dropping off stuff at the storage unit, I went to work to use the gym/shower.
It was glorious, first of all, there is no one in the building or gym at 8pm so I could have had used every machine they have without waiting. The second cool part is that everything had just been cleaned but the best part is that I have the entire locker room to myself.
The showers are great, grey/green tile with proper shower controls ( the kind where you set the temperature and then set the flow rate).
I can stand upright and still have the water hitting my head.
They supply soap, towels and shaving creme.
The towels are just the way I like, hard and scratchy.
I don't have to clean anything; just walk in, use, walk out

I have my food supply divided up and boxed for storage.  Most of my clothes are in storage, the ironing board is set up and I have added the light bulb socket adapter. The van is loaded up for another lunch trip with some misc items. I want to try to do the new vinyl stickers tonight and also make a trip to goodwill to donate some stuff and to find a fan for the storage unit. If I have to be in there ironing and getting supplies I might as well have a fan too cool me down

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