Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Systems break when you dont fit within them

I spent the day breaking every single billing account I have. Since acquiring my new ups mailbox on Friday I have been listing all the places I have that need to be updated, today I tried to update them all.

So what happens when a mailbox that exists in a business complex becomes your permanent household address? You break all the online address databases and get to call customer support.

The combination of a suite number plus a box number is the problem, the software thinks that the suite number is sufficient enough or the box number is what it needs and rejects the suite number, to make things more complicated they all reference a postal database to verify the address which also does not understand this suite number plus box number concept and there is a character limit. I think it is a programming glitch that is set to ignore non numerical characters after a numerical string, either way it is a sign that I am getting closer to my goal.

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