Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The storage unit lifestyle

I now have a storage unit which costs $30 per month, a 5x10 steel box in a non-climate controlled building on the second floor. I might regret not getting a unit at the U-haul place as they are climate controlled which I guess I could use as an emergency sleeping spot as u-haul storage is 24hr access. The place I have now closes at 7pm.

I packed the van with the stuff that needs to sell and the spare van parts and dropped it off during lunch. Every day this week will involve moving my stuff into the unit. There is no power outlet on the wall but there is a light bulb and I can get an adapter socket which will turn it into a power outlet; with an outlet in the storage unit I can iron my work clothes and charge my electronics. I had planned on having my clothes dry cleaned but the costs is too much for me and I now have a "free" power source.

Everything I moved into the unit felt like it weighted a thousand pounds, I can not believe that I have so many things. My goal is to get rid of most items by the end of September.

The goal for the storage unit is to have the nostalgia/keep/go home to CO stuff in the back and the expendables up front with my clothes and ironing board on the side. I am experimenting with my work clothes and am trying to only wear my golf shirts/polos that do not need to be ironed. If I could reduce my work clothes to just that I would be happy. I plan on only having a week's worth of clothes in the van, this will reduce the trips I need to make to the storage unit. 

Stuff done:
Grey water tanks are in and vents are routed. Need to pressure test again.

To Do:
I have packages of stuff to pick up at my mailbox, should be new flexarm and radiator fan thermoswitch and thermal curtains. All need to be installed.
Adjust throttle switch and install new cam screw

I found a set of Hella fog lights in my spare parts box. I want to put them on the van but I can't decide on front or back. The front is the obvious choice but the tint makes it difficult to back up at night, maybe I can get another set for the back.

I think I spend too much on food each week. I need to start tracking the expensive stuff and substitute or eliminate.

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